(Men and Women) 

What it is: Wardrobe review and organization through the eyes of a stylist. We will determine your personal style, you will get a fresh perspective on what you currently own and we will discover what pieces to add to your wardrobe to make it feel exciting and new. Each item in your closet (bureau etc) will be sorted through, discussed, and its fate will be determined. We will discover new ways to style favorite pieces and uncover any existing “holes” in your current wardrobe. If you would like, your closet will also be organized to maximize space and efficiency. From here we can build a wardrobe full of pieces you love and feel beautiful in, no matter what you are doing or where you are going. Your wardrobe will be full of favorites.

Great for: We all know them (or are them)… A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Do you always grab the same pieces/feel like you always wear the same thing? Life changing event (baby, job, divorce…you know…life) and want to discover a new look that works for your new life? Or do you just need an update? A Closet Edit session is the perfect antidote.


(Men and Women)

What it is: Creating your trademark style through consultation and either in person or online shopping. We will find the perfect look(s) for you so you feel beautiful and love what you are wearing. We can style from your existing wardrobe or shop for new treasures in person and/or online

Great for: Do you need a look for a wedding, the Kentucky Derby, a holiday party? Going on a trip and want to make sure you have the perfect outfit for all events? I will help sort through your wardrobe and we will choose destination appropriate pieces that can be mixed and matched, worn in different ways and ensure you love what you wear and look stunning in every vacation photo.

Monthly Membership (styling & closet edits)

(Men and Women)

What it is: For each month you are a member, depending on the membership tier selected, you will receive at least three hours of my time for closet edits, home organization, personal styling or shopping. You may mix and match the hours however you would like, you may even gift an hour to a friend. I will be there to help with any home/closet organization, will be on the lookout for fantastic pieces for you (online, at home in NY and on my travels) and be available to you for style sessions, style advice via text/face time, or even a closet edit, vacation packing, personal shopping, gift selection etc.

Great for: You want to make sure your newly organized home stays that way, you want to stay up to date with your wardrobe and add fun new pieces, or find that sought-after must-have item and maybe even work in an occasional styling session. Monthly memberships are great for both home organization and closet edits. We will keep you organized, your wardrobe stylish, current and exciting and have you and your home, looking your best.

Our lives are made of tiny moments all linked together. Those moments can be moments of celebration or they can be moments that easily slip by almost going unnoticed. My goal for all of us is to bring as much celebration as possible into every single day. By raising the bar on the price of entry for everything in our lives, life becomes more and more celebratory. Instead of choosing something to wear because it is “good enough”, why not have the bar be set at “I LOVE how I feel in this!”. Through creation, curation, meaningful accumulation and styling, I help people build lives from a foundation of delight. We decode what makes you shine from the inside out and build from there. You’re invited to the celebration… come along!